Wayne Tower

Wayne Tower as it appeared in Batman Begins

Wayne Tower is the main headquarters of Wayne Enterprises, located at the near-center of Downtown Gotham City and built in 1939 by Bruce Wayne's great-grandfather Alan Wayne with the help of architect Cyrus Pinkney. The headquarters was later moved to the location of its applied sciences some time after The Dark Knight, yet still stands as Gotham's unofficial center of the city's water mains, electrical currents and monorail system. It was on the monorail heading toward the tower that the final battle of Batman Begins, with Batman and Ra's al Ghul, took place.

History Edit

Batman Begins Edit

Built in 1939 by Alan Wayne with the help of architect Cyrus Pinkney, Wayne Tower has long been the headquarters of Wayne Enterprises and Gotham City's unofficial center of water mains and electrical currents. During the Gotham Depression, however, Thomas Wayne nearly bankrupted the company to help the city's starving inhabitants by building a cheap public monorail system, with the tower also it's center. Following his and his wife Martha's murder at the hands of Joe Chill, the Wayne empire was scheduled to be inherited by their son Bruce under the ownership of its CEO William Earle, but Bruce became troubled with the crime and corruption that plagued his city in the depression's wake. So, he decided to travel the world for seven years to seek the means of fighting injustice. Hoping to bring the corporation public in his absence, Earle unexpectedly announced Bruce dead and shieid away from "what Thomas Wayne would have done" to focus on heavy weapons manufacturing.

In Batman Begins, the building is apparently based off of the Board of Trade Building in Chicago.

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