Thomas Wayne was a doctor and former owner of Wayne Enterprises. He was dedicated to reducing the poverty gap in Gotham City, by constructing a monorail as cheap affordable transport for all. He worked at the hospital and left the running of his company to William Earle.

Wayne had a son, Bruce, who he always taught to learn to pick himself up after every fall. He nursed his son back to health after he fell down a well in the garden and became frightened by bats. The family then went to the opera, where Thomas had bought a pearl necklace for his wife. However Bruce got scared by the bat-like performers in the opera, and asked to leave early. As they did, they were confronted by Joe Chill who tried to mug them, but ended up shooting and killing both Thomas Wayne and his wife.

The Waynes' death shocked the wealthy of Gotham into action, but left Bruce an orphan who struggled to find his way in the world.

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