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The Prestige was Christopher Nolan's fifth feature film, released in 2006. He reunited with his brother Jonathan Nolan to write the screenplay, adapted from the novel by Christopher Priest. The film was produced by Emma Thomas, Aaron Ryder and Nolan himself.

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The Prestige tells the story of Alfred Borden and Robert Angier, two magicians living in Victorian London. Originally working together on a show, they become enemies after Angier's wife is killed during a show. Each tries to better the other with their stage shows, and their rivalry centres over the famous trick "The Transported Man".

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Like many of Nolan's films, the chronology of The Prestige is mixed up throughout the film. Borden tells the tale from prison whilst reading through Angier's diary, which in turn tells the tale of Angier reading through Borden's notebooks.

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