The Bald Guy was a local gangster and owner of a London bar. He was the boyfriend of The Blonde.

An accountant owed the Bald Guy money, so he planned to kill him. He used the Blonde's flat as the scene of the crime - along with two heavies, he took the accountant to her flat and used a hammer to break his fingers and smash his skull. He wiped his hands on a teatowel, and left the Blonde to clean up.

Horrified at what she had seen, the Blonde then planned to go to the police about the murder, using the bloody rug as evidence. In order to stop this, the Bald Guy hired Cobb, a local thief, to kill her. Cobb was to start a relationship with the Blonde, and get her to help him create a murder suspect that looked like him and used his modus operandi. He would then kill her in the same manner as the accountant, and he would get all of the money in the Bald Guy's safe.

The plan went ahead, and the Bald Guy watched as Bill, their intended target, began a relationship with the Blonde, and started dressing like Cobb. The Bald Guy visited the Blonde's flat, warning her to back off with the murder allegations, but she instead used this as a way to persuade Bill to break into the Bald Guy's bar. Bill eventually went to the police, but Cobb had planted sufficient evidence that pointed to him as a killer. Cobb killed the Blonde, breaking all of her fingers beforehand, and the only witness to the accountant's murder was out of the way.

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