Tanya Francke was a good friend of Kay Connell before her death. She watched as Kay became friendly with an older man, and she began a relationship with Kay's boyfriend Randy Stetz.

After Kay's death, Tanya watched as the police took Randy out of a class to question him. A few days later, Tanya attended Kay's funeral with Randy and was about to get on his bike when police detective Will Dormer offered her a ride home. In the car, she flirted with Dormer, and asked if he could take her somewhere fun to make out. Dormer responded by almost crashing into a truck, before taking her to a dump and pulling her out of the car. He explained that this was where Kay's body was found, but she responded angrily to his treatment. Dormer then asked why there were torn photos of her and Kay in Kay's bedroom, and why she and Randy were now a couple. She explained that Kay had an older boyfriend whom she called Brody, but that wasn't his real name.

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