This is a detailed breakdown of the storyline of the film Following.

Storyline Edit

Following tells the story of Bill, an aspiring writer who shadows strangers during his spare time. Though he claims it is to gain inspiration for his characters, Bill seems to have a sense of voyeurism in his actions. One day he shadows Cobb, a well dressed amateur thief, who confronts Bill and invites him to join in his criminal activities. The pair break into various homes, including the house of an attractive blonde. Whilst having dinner with Cobb, Bill becomes agitated when one of their victims sees them, so Cobb tells him to change his appearance.

After getting a haircut and a suit, Bill then follows the blonde woman to a bar and chats her up. They begin a relationship, and she tells him about her ex-boyfriend. He is a local gangster who once murdered one of his enemies in her home, and he is blackmailing her with incriminating photographs. Bill then confesses to Cobb that he is seeing one of their old victims, and Cobb responds by beating Bill up and leaving him on his own.

Bill then plans to break into the gangster's safe and steal the photographs. Cobb advises him to take a hammer as a weapon, and as Bill breaks in he is interrupted by someone. He hits him with the hammer, takes the photographs and leaves. However upon inspecting the pictures he sees they are not incriminating at all. After confronting the blonde, she tells him that she has been working with Cobb in order to create another suspect in a murder case against Cobb. They have manipulated Bill into dressing and acting like Cobb to give the police another suspect.

Bill then goes to the police to explain everything. However, it is revealed that Cobb has actually murdered the blonde with Bill's hammer, and left other pieces of evidence pointing to Bill. The Policeman explains that they searched Bill's house and found various items of the blonde's under his bed. Cobb was actually working for the gangster to get rid of the only witness of the murder in the blonde's home - and in the process, framed Bill for the blonde's death.