Stephen Miles was a college professor in architecture who mentored Dom Cobb in the study of shared dreaming. It was through Stephen that Dom met Stephen's daughter Mal, and the two married and had two children. However after experimenting too much in shared dreaming, Malorie became convinced her world was not real and committed suicide. Dominic was framed for the crime and had to leave America, and Stephen was his only contact with the children, as he would often visit them.

Later, Cobb visited Miles at his university and told him he had a job for some very powerful people that would allow him to return home. Miles was sceptical, but agreed to provide Cobb with an architect. He introduced one of his brightest and best pupils, Ariadne, and told her Cobb had a job offer for her. Miles then travelled to America to take Cobb's gift to Phillipa and James, but got a call to say that their father was arriving. He went to the airport to greet Dominick, and took him back to the two children.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Miles's first name, Stephen, comes from unspoken lines shown in the official shooting script. These extra lines also speak of Miles's ex-wife Marie, who blames Cobb and Miles in equal parts for Mal's death.
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