Sarah Borden was the wife of Alfred Borden. She met him when she was looking after her nephew, taking him to see a magic show by Virgil. Her nephew began to cry after seeing Virgil make a bird disappear, but Alfred, who was handling props for the show, tried to calm him down. He then took her out for lunch, and tried inviting himself into her room for a coffee. She refused, but he seemingly snuck into her room and was waiting for her when she entered (or it was his brother who was waiting in the house while he was outside).

They got married and soon Sarah told her husband she was expecting a child. He demonstrated to her his bullet catch trick, and told her he loved her, but she said he didn't mean it. She told him she knew some days he meant it and others he didn't, and she liked being able to tell the difference.

Her child was born, a girl named Jess, but Sarah and Alfred's married life started to suffer. They would often argue, and she suspected he was having an affair with his assistant Olivia Wenscombe. After one of his shows, he turned up drunk with Olivia and the couple argued.

Some time later Sarah worked out what was going on - Borden had a twin and they shared one life, which is why he sometimes loved her and sometimes did not. She was tormented by the dishonesty and in the end, died by hanging.

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