Robert Michael Fischer was a businessman, son of Maurice Fischer, the head of Fischer Morrow, a large energy firm. He had always had a strained relationship with his father, but was close to Peter Browning, an associate of his father's.

After his father died, Fischer got on a plane to take the body to America. He did not know that Saito, a rival businessman from Proclus Global, had hired Dom Cobb to perform inception on him during the flight in order to persuade him to split up his father's company. During the flight, Dom slipped a tablet into Fischer's water which rendered him unconscious. He was then hooked up to a machine and Dom's team invaded his dream.

Fischer first dreamt he was on a New York street hailing a taxi. Men kidnapped him and took him to a warehouse, where Peter Browning was thrown next to him. He was asked for the combination of his father's safe, which he did not know, but said the first 6 numbers which came into his head. He was then blind folded and taken into a van, which they threatened to drive into the river. He fell asleep in the van, and began dreaming that he was in a hotel.

Dom Cobb then approached Fischer at the bar, introducing himself as Mr Charles, in charge of his subconscious security. He explained to Fischer that he was dreaming, but people were trying to break into his mind to steal secrets. Mr Charles convinced Fischer to share dreams with him, and they fell asleep in a hotel room.

He then dreamed he was on a snowy mountain, approaching a hospital. He was walking towards his father's room when a woman appeared and shot him. He then fell into Limbo, but Ariadne and Cobb found him and administered a kick back to the hospital. He then entered his father's room, who told him that he didn't want Fischer to follow in his footsteps. Fischer then woke up back in the New York dream, where the van had driven into the river, and he explained to Browning that he had decided to break up the Fischer Empire. He then woke up back on the plane, and arrived in America. Later he split up the company, and Saito's business became the largest energy supplier.

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