Rich was a police detective working in Nightmute, Alaska.

After the murder of Kay Connell, chief Charlie Nyback introduced detectives Will Dormer and Hap Eckhart to the bullpen of officers, explaining that they would be helping on the case. The next day Kay's bag was found in a cabin, but at Dormer's request Rich stopped Francis from going near the cabin. The police then staked it out, and Rich waited with Fred Duggar. The suspect appeared, and the officers chased him down to the beach where Farrell Brooks and Eckhart got shot.

The next day, Rich helped Ellie Burr investigate the shooting by taking photos of the scene, with Francis standing in for Brooks in the photos. He continued taking photos until Francis shouted, saying he had found Farrell's bullet.

2 days later Rich passed a call onto Dormer in the station. A little while later, after Walter Finch was brought in for questioning, Fred had Rich call Judge Biggs to get a search warrant for Randy Stetz's apartment. As soon as the warrant came through, Rich went with Duggar and Francis to search Randy's place. Rich found a handgun in some motor oil, and told Fred about it. Randy then arrived and he was arrested for Kay's murder.

Rich had a celebratory drink with the other officers, and when Ellie Burr arrived to tell them she had found a 9mm shell casing on the beach where Eckhart was shot, Rich told her to get a hobby. The officers bid farewell to Dormer.

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