Randy Stetz was the boyfriend of Kay Connell. He lived by himself at the top of his grandpa's building. He didn't care for her a lot, only thinking of her as "nice", and would often physically abuse her. He started a relationship with her best friend Tanya Francke, and on a friday night had an argument with Kay at a local dive. That night, Kay was murdered.

Detective Will Dormer took Randy out of his class in school to question him about the murder. He started smoking in the interview, and Dormer told him he didn't have an alibi for the night she was murdered and they knew that he abused her. Stetz grew angry, but Dormer explained that he knew that Kay was seeing someone else and needed to know who that was. Stetz said he didn't know, even though he had beaten Kay to get the answer from her.

A few days later Randy attended Kay's funeral with Tanya but as he was about to give her a ride home Dormer approached and asked to speak with Tanya. Randy left alone as Tanya spoke with the detective.

Several days later Randy returned home to find the police searching it, and they then arrested him. They had found a gun in his home, which he denied was his. He told detective Fred Duggar that he was with Tanya the night Kay was killed. Later Finch was found guilty of the murders and Randy was presumably acquitted.

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