Prewitt Tower

Prewitt Tower is an under-construction business building in Midtown Gotham City (possibly the future headquarters of a new Gotham-based company called Prewitt Enterprises) located by the Midtown River. This is where the final battle of The Dark Knight, between Batman and the Joker, took place.


The Dark Knight

When Lucius Fox pinpointed the soundwaves of the Joker's ferry threat to Prewitt Tower using Wayne Enterprises' new larger SONAR prototype, Batman contacted Lt. James Gordon and asked him assemble his SWAT team there. Upon arrival, the SWAT were able to find the missing bus from the destroyed Gotham General Hospital and predicted that that the problem has also become a hostage situation. Gordon planned on having the clown-masked thugs ordered by the Joker to guard the hostages shot dead while his SWAT moved in to save the hostages themselves. But Batman insisted on going in alone for five minutes first before the police could stat shooting.

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