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Prewitt Tower is an under-construction business building in Midtown Gotham City (possibly the future headquarters of a new Gotham-based company called Prewitt Enterprises) located by the Midtown River. This is where the final battle of The Dark Knight, between Batman and the Joker, took place.

History[edit | edit source]

The Dark Knight[edit | edit source]

When Lucius Fox pinpointed the soundwaves of the Joker's ferry threat to Prewitt Tower using Wayne Enterprises' new larger SONAR prototype, Batman contacted Lt. James Gordon to meet him there with his police SWAT team to help him rescue the hostages the Joker took back at the now-destroyed Gotham General Hospital from the Joker's clown-masked henchmen while he flew into the tower to confront the Joker himself and save the ferries. But to surprise, the henchman he landed was unmasked as a gagged Mike Engel, giving the vigilante the clue that the Joker had the hostages dressed up as his henchmen to lure the SWAT into targeting them, which meant that the supposed hostages must be the real men. Unaware of this, the SWAT began taking aim at the clown-masked hostages, but Batman foiled the shots by forcing the hostages out of the way and attacking both SWAT moving into the building and the Joker's disguised men until the SWAT realized the reason why Batman was protecting the clowns and began attacking the men dressed as the hostages. With that done, Batman went up higher into the tower and faced the Joker as the psychopath started a fistfight with him using rottweilers and a crowbar. Though infuriated that none the ferries blew up because the passengers' readiness to believe in good, the Joker prepared to destroy them himself but Batman disarmed him of the detonator and threw him out a window for a police helicopter to grab. The copter missed, so Batman had to hoist the psychopath up himself so that he could tell the vigilante that he was already counting on the only last successful piece to his regime to break the city's spirit: driving Dent insane to the extent of exacting revenge against the criminals and corrupt officials responsible for Rachel's death so that the city would lose hope once the scarred DAs rampage became known. Horrified, Batman left the Joker's arrest to the SWAT team, but not before the clown reminded him that there fight may last forever.

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