Olivia Laura Wenscombe is the main female protagonist of The Prestige. She was a magician's assistant who worked for Robert Angier, and later Alfred Borden.

John Cutter, Angier's ingénieur, hired Wenscombe as an assistant to his act after the death of Angier's wife. She seemed a promising find to Angier, being able to fit inside all of the compartments required for his tricks. He then had her go and work for Borden, in an attempt to find out how he performerd his trick "The Transported Man". She began working for Borden but could not discover his secret.

Olivia began to fall in love with Borden, not realising that it was his twin Freddy Borden who loved her. She left Angier, but not before giving him Borden's encrypted diary. Later Freddy was executed for the murder of Angier.

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