Natalie was a bar waitress who was involved with Leonard's hunt for revenge.

Natalie worked at Ferdy's Bar as a waitress, but she also took orders for her drug dealing boyfriend Jimmy Grantz. The customers wrote messages on the bottom of coasters to pass to her secretly. One day Jimmy went to meet Teddy, to buy a load of amphetamines, and Natalie wrote him a note to come by the bar afterwards. However he never came back, and instead Leonard Shelby turned up in Jimmy's car wearing his clothes.

After mistaking Leonard for her boyfriend, Natalie then found out it was "the memory guy", who Jimmy had noticed snooping around town. She decided to test his amnesia by having lots of people spit in a beer and then hand it to him, which he drank. Realising he did indeed have a problem, she brought him back to her house.

She left Leonard there, and then ran into Dodd, one of Jimmy's business partners. Dodd explained that Jimmy had been killed and all his money had gone. Natalie realised she could use Leonard to get rid of Dodd, so she went back to his house and began insulting his dead wife. Enraged, Leonard punched her in the face and cut her lip. Natalie then explained that she was going to use Leonard, and left the house. She waited until Leonard's memory went, then re-entered. She told him that Dodd had beat her up, and that she was in danger. Leonard offered to get rid of Dodd, so Natalie gave him Dodd's description and address.

Later Leonard turned up at Natalie's with a picture of a bloodied and beaten Dodd, demanding to know what was going on. Natalie calmed him down, assuring him that Dodd was nothing to worry about and nothing to do with his investigation into his wife's killer. She then said that in return for doing her a favour she would investigate the licence plate he was looking for. The two then slept together, and Natalie told him about Jimmy, and how she had lost someone too.

The next morning Natalie arranged a meeting between the two. She then got her friend at the DMV to look up the number plate, then met Leonard at the Chy Grill and handed over the information. She also gave him the location of the abandoned warehouse that Jimmy used to do deals out of. Leonard left to exact his revenge, and Natalie bid him farewell.

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