"Sammy, it's time for my shot."

Mrs Jankis was the wife of Sammy Jankis, according to the story told by Leonard Shelby.

Leonard's story Edit

In the story of Sammy that Leonard told to Teddy, and others, Mrs Jankis and her husband were involved in a car accident that left Sammy with short term memory loss. Sammy was left unable to work, although he was able to give Mrs Jankis (who suffered from diabetes) regular insulin shots as long he concentrated on what he was doing.

The medical bills incurred by Sammy's condition began to mount, so Mrs Jankis called the insurance company that Leonard worked at. He visited their home several times to assess Sammy's condition, and ordered some tests to be carried out on Sammy. However, when Sammy didn't respond to conditioning the claim was turned down, on the grounds that his condition was mental not physical. Mrs Jankis was stuck with the medical bills.

She then fought the company's decision, but the cost of that coupled with the cost of supported him crippled her. She tried all sorts of things to bring back Sammy's memory - believing that if his problem was only mental, he would be able to snap out of it. She had him hide food around the house to see if his hunger would make him remember where he had hidden it.

Jankis dead

Mrs Jankis slips into a coma

Nothing worked, so she went again to see Leonard at the insurance company and asked him if he honestly believed Sammy was faking. Leonard told her that he thought Sammy was physically capable of making new memories.

Mrs Jankis then returned home to give Sammy his final exam. After her shot of insulin, she wound the clocks back and asked him to administer it again. She did this several times, before slipping into a coma from the overdose. She never recovered, and as Sammy was unable to explain what had happened, he was committed to an asylum.

Teddy's story Edit

According to Teddy, Sammy Jankis never had a wife, and Leonard exposed him as a conman. Leonard projected the death of his own wife onto Sammy in order to escape the guilt whenever he remembered the story.

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