Mike Engel was a news anchor who presented Gotham City News. He interviewed Mayor Anthony Garcia about the crime levels dropping in Gotham after the Batman began cleaning up the city, and also after Harvey Dent was elected as District Attorney.

Later Engel showed a video sent to him by the Joker, showing the torture and murder of Brian Douglas. The Joker requested that the Batman reveal his true identity, or people would start dying. Gillian Loeb was murdered, and Engel reported at his memorial service.

Coleman Reese then contacted GCN claiming to know the identity of Batman, and Engel prepared to interview him exclusively. However, the Joker called for Reese's murder or he would destroy a hospital, so James Gordon escorted him out of the newsroom while Mike Engel reported from Gotham General Hospital. The Joker destroyed Gotham General before kidnapping a bus full of hostages, including Engel. The Joker forced him to read a news report informing the citizens of Gotham they had to leave the city by ferry. Engel was then tied up with the other hostages and dressed as the Joker's henchman, where he was unmasked by Batman. However, Batman managed to subdue the Joker and rescue the hostages.

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