Leonid Pavel was a Russian nuclear physicist who was captured and employed by Bane to create a nuclear bomb out of the new Wayne Enterprises fusion reactor.

History Edit

Pavel met up with a CIA operative to be escorted via airplane back to his home. When he met up with the CIA operative, a militiant (Barsad) revealed three prisoners with him who had tried to capture Pavel. The three were brought on the plane with Pavel and were faux executed one by one until the last one, Bane, talked. Bane revealed he was intentionally captured and that his plan was to crash the plane with no survivors on it. As his men attacked the plane, Bane did a blood transfusion on Pavel and put his blood into a dead man and left the corpse on the plane. Pavel was grabbed by Bane and pulled out from the plane before it crashed. Pavel was presumed dead in the crash and Bane, while escaping with him, promised that the fear will "come later."

Six months later, Pavel resurfaced when Bane took the board of Wayne Enterprises hostage, watching as Bane forced Lucius FoxMiranda Tate, and Douglas Fredericks to accompany them down to the site of the nuclear fusion reactor which could supply Gotham City with a great amount of energy but could also be turned into a nuclear bomb. While Fredericks was held at gunpoint by Barsad, Fox unlocked the reactor via his fingerprints and Pavel was forced to create the bomb. Once he was finished, Bane had the core removed from the reactor, despite Pavel's protest that it would become unstable in five months time and go off. Since this was exactly what Bane had planned, he didn't listen and caused a series of explosions around Gotham which trapped most of the GCPD forces underground, destroyed Gotham Stadium, killed Mayor Anthony Garcia and other politicians and officials and cut Gotham off from the rest of the United States. While the crowd at the stadium was still reacting to the destruction, Bane came out onto the football field with Pavel and the reactor. Pavel was forced to explain the device, implying that only he could defuse it. Bane then killed him by snapping his neck to ensure the bomb couldn't be deactivated.

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