Kay Connell was a 17 year old girl who was murdered in Nightmute, Alaska.

She was in a relationship with Randy Stetz, but was a big fan of the crime author Walter Finch. One day she went to a book signing of his and stayed behind after, getting to know Finch. She began to see him more and more, and told her best friend Tanya Francke about her new man, referring to him only as "Brody" (the name of the detective in Finch's novels). She confided in Finch about how Randy used to abuse her.

One friday she was at a local dive with her friends and had an argument with Randy about how she was seeing someone else. She left and called Finch, then went to see him at his fishing cabin. Finch kissed her and got excited, and she started to laugh at him. Annoyed, Finch tried to stop her laughing by hitting her, but she screamed so he kept hitting her until she died. He then washed her hair, scrubbed and clipped her nails, and threw her body in a dump.

An investigation was launched into Kay's death, headed up Fred Duggar and later Will Dormer and Hap Eckhart. Her boyfriend Randy was initially arrested, until the truth of her murder came out after Walter Finch was killed by Dormer.

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