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Janet Surillo was a Gotham City Court Judge.


Judge Surillo approved of Harvey Dent's crusade for justice and was willing to hear trial for all the mafia criminals pulled in by Lt. James Gordon and Dent. She judged over the trial of the criminals, most of whom were stuffed into the courtroom. During this hearing, her fingerprint was obtained by a henchman of the Joker via a Joker card placed in a court document. The card was given to Gordon, indicating who the Joker was targeting next.  

Gordon dispatched two officers to Surillo's house, but the officers were secretly corrupt employed by the mafia leader Sal Maroni as henchmen for the Joker, who gave them an envelope they gave Surillo to with instructions for where she is going. When Surillo got in the car, she opened the envelope wanting to know where the Joker (who she was unaware was the person who told the officers to give her it) is wanting her to go, but on the piece of paper inside, the Joker wrote only a single word: "UP". Sure enough, the car blew up in a fiery car bomb. Dozens of Joker cards hidden in Surillo's car covered the street.

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