"Your world is not real!"
Malorie Cobb

Inception was Christopher Nolan's seventh feature film, released in 2010, and his first original screenplay since Memento. He worked on the screenplay for many years, first pitching it in 2001 before waiting until he had experience with big-budget films. It was produced by Emma Thomas and Christopher Nolan.

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After the suicide of his wife, Dom Cobb has used his ability to navigate through people's dreams in order to steal and extract their secrets in hopes of finding a way to return to his children. A businessman proposes that if he plants an idea into the head of a rival, then Cobb will be granted passage back home. Assembling a team of the most accomplished specialists in their field, Cobb plans his biggest job yet. However, in spite of all of Cobb's planning, he is unprepared to face the greatest danger of all: the shade of his deceased wife.

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Inception once again tells its story in a complex narrative way. The action takes place over many different layers of dreams, each layer operating at a different speed to each other. Interspersed with the main story are flashbacks to Cobb's past.

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-Syncopy -Legendary Pictures -Warnerbros

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