Gotham National

Gotham National Bank is one of the largest banks in Gotham City, located near Wayne Enterprises.

History Edit

The Dark Knight Edit

Because of the bank being a key location in the mafia's trade route, the security systems of its main vault was wired with at least as high as 5,000 volts, as a means to deter potential bank robbers from breaking into it. Despite these measures, it was robbed by the Joker (under the call-sign Bozo) and five of his clown-masked henchmen (under the call-signs Grumpy, Chuckles, Happy, Dopey and an unnamed bus driver) of over $68,000,000. During the robbery, much of it was destroyed when the bus rammed through the wall to pick up what remained of the gang (the Joker only). It was briefly seen again when the Major Crimes Unit and their SWAT team attempted to invade the bank to take back the rest of the mafia's money, only to find marked bills in their place (as Lau had earlier sent all of the money to be sent to a different, more secure location, also keeping the mafia itself in the dark in order to ensure they didn't reveal it to the police).

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