Gerard Stephens was a police detective who worked with James Gordon at the Major Crimes Unit of the Gotham City Police Department.

When the Joker killed Commissioner Gillian Loeb, Stephens attended his memorial service. After the Joker attacked the service, Stephens informed Barbara Gordon of James Gordon's apparent death while saving the life of Anthony Garcia.

Later the Joker was kidnapped and Stephens guarded him after his interrogation. The Joker goaded Stephens, as he had killed 6 of Stephens' friends in the police force. Stephens decided to beat up the Joker, but was overpowered and held hostage with a piece of broken glass. The Joker demanded a phone call in exchange for Stephens' life, which officer Murphy provided for him. The Joker used the call to detonate a bomb in the MCU and escape with Lau.

Stephens survived the explosion and watched as the Joker threatened to blow up a hospital. However, the Joker was apprehended again and Stephens stood by as the bat-signal was destroyed and Batman was vilified as the murderer of Harvey Dent.

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