Francis was a police detective working in Nightmute, Alaska.

After the murder of Kay Connell, chief Charlie Nyback introduced detectives Will Dormer and Hap Eckhart to the bullpen of officers, explaining that they would be helping on the case. The next day, Kay's bag was found in a fishing cabin, so Francis headed down to keep an eye on the place. However on the way Rich called him to stop him, as they were going to stake out the cabin for a sting operation.

The next day, Francis helped Ellie Burr and Rich investigate the shooting that had happened on the beach and posed for a photograph playing Farrell Brooks. He was reluctant to partake in the investigation, being wary of Farrell's blood on the rocks. However, after they moved on he shouted to Ellie to tell her he had found Farrell's bullet.

Later Francis accompanied Rich and Fred Duggar to Randy Stetz's apartment to find a handgun. He searched the place and was about to enter the bathroom when Rich called out that he had found it hidden in some motor oil.

After Randy was arrested, Francis joined the other officers for a celebratory drink, where they bid farewell to Dormer.

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