"You take it show them what they had."

Following is Christopher Nolan's first feature length film, released in 1998. It was produced by Emma Thomas, Jeremy Theobald (who also starred in it) and Peter Broderick. It was shot over a period of one year by a very small crew on a low budget.

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Following tells the story of Bill, an aspiring writer who follows people in his spare time. After being confronted by Cobb, one of his targets, he becomes drawn into the art of breaking into people's houses. He soon becomes romantically involved with The Blonde, a lady with a dark past, and it becomes clear that not everyone is who they seem.

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Following uses a complex narrative structure, jumping between four separate timelines.

  • The first timeline (chronologically) begins as Bill starts to follow Cobb, and ends with Cobb telling Bill to change his appearance. Throughout this timeline, Bill has long hair and wears a leather jacket.
  • The second timeline begins with Bill following the blonde to a bar, and ends with him being beaten up by Cobb. Throughout this timeline, Bill has short hair and wears a suit.
  • The third timeline begins with Bill just after being beaten up, and ends with him going to the police. Throughout this timeline, Bill still wears his suit but has visible wounds on his face.
  • The fourth timeline is Bill recounting his story to the policeman. This takes place entirely inside one room. This timeline only appears at the start and end of the film.

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