Farrell Brooks was a police detective working in Nightmute, Alaska.

After the murder of Kay Connell, chief Charlie Nyback introduced detectives Will Dormer and Hap Eckhart to the bullpen of officers, explaining that they would be helping on the case. The next day Kay's bag was found, and Dormer went through it. He found a book by Walter Finch, and after Brooks admitted to reading his books, was asked by Dormer to read through looking for any clues. However that afternoon they staked out the cabin where the bag was found, and Brooks compared firearms with Hap Eckhart.

When a figure was spotted approaching the cabin, the officers were ordered to fan out, but when passing his megaphone Brooks accidentally caused a loud noise which alerted the figure. The officers rushed down to the cabin, and Brooks met Dormer in the fog down in the valley. They spotted the figure on a hillside, but when they told him to freeze he shot Brooks in the leg. The man got away and Brooks was taken to hospital.

The next day Dormer visited Farrell in hospital and asked if his bullet passed straight through without leaving any trace. Farrell asked if Dormer had ever been shot before, and also told Dormer that he kept his head down after he had been shot. He also apologised about the megaphone, but Dormer assured him that the blame for the entire incident lay with the man who beat Kay Connell to death.

After Randy Stetz was arrested for Kay's murder, Farrell joined the other officers in a celebratory drink. Farrell bid Dormer farewell, telling him to get some sleep.

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