You may be looking for Emma Thomas.

Emma was a tattoo artist who owned and worked at Emma's Tattoos. When Leonard Shelby was driving away from an encounter with Jimmy Grantz and Teddy, he screeched to a halt outside the shop and asked for the tattoo "Fact 6: car license number SG13 7IU" to be inked on his thigh. As Emma worked, Teddy arrived and came in the back. Emma told him it was private, and asked him to wait outside. She finished the tattoo, then Teddy asked her to give the two of them a minute. Teddy left the parlour out the front, while Leonard jumped out of the window.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Although Teddy's license plate number is "SG13 7IU", the tattoo reads "SG13 71U".
  • The license plate 'SG13 71U' is likely a reference to the postcode of Haileybury College (SG13 7NU), where Nolan went to school.
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