"Who the fuck is Dodd?"

Dodd was a drug dealer and associate of Jimmy Grantz who was active during Memento.

Memento Edit

When Jimmy went missing after a drug deal set up by Teddy, Dodd noticed Leonard Shelby driving Jimmy's car and wearing his clothes. He pursued Leonard's car, confronting him in a back alley and threatening him with a gun. Leonard fled, and Dodd chased him through a caravan park. Dodd lost Leonard, who made it back to his car and drove away.

Dodd then returned to the room 6 of the Monterest Inn where he was staying. He went to the toilet, but then noticed someone was using his shower. Open drawing back the curtain, he found Leonard, naked, taking a shower. Leonard then lunged at him, beating him before hitting him around the head with a whiskey bottle. Dodd was then tied up, gagged and put in the room's closet. Natalie, Jimmy's girlfriend, had sent Leonard to get rid of Dodd.

A short while later, Leonard opened the door to find Dodd and asked him who he was. Dodd explained that Leonard had beaten him up, before he was gagged again and shut in. Teddy then arrived at the room, and heard Dodd's moans. The two then decided to clean Dodd up, and march him out of the hotel room with a gun in his back. They took him to his car, and Leonard drove him out of the city and threatened him to make sure he didn't return.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • Leonard: Who did this to you?
  • Dodd: You did. (Memento)
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