On this page we will add information and news about the Christopher Nolan Wiki including major community events and significant project changes.

Featured Edit

  • 18th July, 2012

To coincide with the release of The Dark Knight Rises on the 20th July, we will be featured on Wikia's network! Hopefully this will give a boost to the number of contributors and help build up more content for the site on this exciting new film release.

100th Article Edit

  • 22nd December, 2011

As of Peter Broderick, we have 100 articles. Hopefully it'll keep going to 200, and then we can apply for a spotlight for more exposure!

Wiki created! Edit

  • 20th July, 2011

The Christopher Nolan Wiki is created. We're just starting out, but we hope to grow with the help of people like you! If you are a fan of Christopher Nolan, I urge you to sign up and become a part of this community.

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