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== External links ==
== External links ==
* {{imdb|name/nm0634240}
* {{wikipedia|Christopher Nolan}
* {{wikipedia|Christopher Nolan}}Christopher Nolan at IMDb
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[[Category:Christopher Nolan|*]]
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[[Category:Crew|Nolan, Christopher]]

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Christopher Jonathan James Nolan is a prolific film director, writer and producer. He is known for his works involving psychological issues, complex narrative structures, with strong emotional themes.

Early life

Christopher was born in London, but spent his youth travelling between there and Chicago. He began an interest in filmmaking from an early age. He attended UCL where he studied english, and met many of the cast and crew that he later worked with on his first feature, Following.


As director

As producer only


Inception screenshot behind the scene leonardo di caprio with christopher nolan
Inception-christopher-nolan-leonardo-dicaprio and cillian-murphy

External links

  • {{wikipedia|Christopher Nolan}
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