Carl Finch was the Gotham district attorney, who worked with Rachel Dawes. He negotiated a deal to release Joe Chill early in exchange for information about Carmine Falcone and his criminal activity, however one of Falcone's men shot and killed Chill at the hearing.

Several years later, after Jonathan Crane had got Victor Zsasz out of jail time, Finch warned Dawes not to meddle in the mob's affairs too much. However Carmine Falcone was later delivered to the police by Batman along with evidence, and Finch and Rachel were excited that he had finally been taken off the streets. As Rachel went to make sure Crane didn't pull another stunt of getting Falcone off, Finch went to investigate Falcone's containers at the docks. However, he was shot and killed by members of the League of Shadows who were smuggling a microwave emitter into the city to vapourise the water supply.

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