Blackgate Prison

Blacgate Prison was a maximum-security prison located on an island in the Gotham Harbor in Uptown Gotham City. It replaced Arkham Asylum as the preferred location for the city's criminals prosecuted under the Dent Act.

History Edit

The Dark Knight Edit

Blackgate was mentioned several times during the course but never seen.

The Dark Knight Rises Edit

Through the Dent Act, all key individuals with known links to the organized crime ring in Gotham City were placed in Blackgate, with no chance of parole. Selina Kyle was imprisoned here following an encounter with John Blake at Gotham International Airport. However, after Bane revealed the truth behind the circumstances of Harvey Dent's death, he used one of the Tumblers stolen from Wayne Enterprises' Applied Science Division to destroy the entrance to the prison. His henchmen then proceeded to release all of the inmates so they could join their regime.

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