Berg was a police officer in the Gotham City Police Department, whose wife was in hospital. After the Joker threatened to blow up a hospital if Coleman Reese was not killed, James Gordon chose 3 men to accompany him to protect Reese. Berg was one of the men who went to the GCN studios to get Reese. They tried to exit via the lobby, but a civilian shot at them, so they went out the back door. They drove away, and Gordon received a text. He noticed that Berg was perspiring, and asked for his shotgun. Berg asked if it was because his wife was in hospital, and Gordon said that it was. Berg refused to hand over his shotgun, instead aiming it at Reese and taking a shot. However Gordon grabbed the gun and pointed it away, just as another civilian attempted to crash into their vehicle. However, Bruce Wayne intercepted the car in his Lamborghini, and Reese was not harmed.

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