Arnold Flass was a corrupt Gotham City police officer who worked for Carmine Falcone's drug smuggling operation.

Batman Begins Edit

Partnered with James Gordon, Flass told Gordon that he should accept bribes to ease the other officer's fears that he was a snitch. Flass himself was working for Falcone, overseeing the drugs that were being smuggled into the port. He questioned why two types of drugs were being sent to different locations, but Falcone told him that ignorance was bliss. He left just before Batman arrived and beat up all the men there.

Flass then was extorting falafel out of a street vendor when Batman strung him up and questioned him about where the drugs were going. Flass told Batman they were going to The Narrows. Later, Flass was called to Arkham Asylum where Batman was. Gordon arrived and went into the building, to Flass's surprise.

Later all the inmates escaped from Arkham, and Flass had to aggressively keep them away. He then got sprayed with fear toxin, and cowered from the men around. However, Batman saved the city from the toxin and the people were innoculated.

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