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Elizabeth Arkham Asylum For The Crimally Insane (better known as Arkham Asylum) is a psychiatric rehabilitation centre in Gotham City located on an island on the Gotham River known as the Narrows, which was accessible by bridges until Batman Begins, where there was a mass breakout orchestrated by the League of Shadows. In the nine-month gap between the film and its sequels, the entire island was rebuilt as the asylum's grounds.

History[edit | edit source]

Batman Begins[edit | edit source]

During the time that Bruce Wayne was becoming Batman, Arkham was run by Dr. Jonathan Crane, who was either the chief administrator or a high-ranking doctor there. Crane spent his time using the place to conduct sadistic experiments with a fear-inducing hallucinogen made for the League of Shadows from drugs he had Carmine Falcone smuggle into the city, with his own patients as guinea pigs. He also used the pipes under the asylum to empty his toxin into the Gotham water supply so that the League could vaporize it against Gotham. When time came for a diversion behind the fear gas infecting Gotham's water supply, Ra's al Ghul had the League stage mass breakout at Arkham, discharging all the patients there (including Crane, who was already caught by Batman and the police helping the League in their scheme) to keep the police busy. Half of the patients were recaptured during the panic, but the rest of them, also including Crane, remained at large.

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