Anthony Garcia was the mayor of Gotham City during the Joker's uprising. As Harvey Dent was preparing to become the new defense attorney and clean up the streets, the Joker was wreaking havoc with the mob's funds. Dent locked up many criminals in a RICO indictment, but the Mayor realised that they would soon be back on the streets. As he was in his office, the dead body of Brian Douglas, dressed as Batman, was suspended outside his window. It was the Joker's latest victim, with the threat that if Batman didn't reveal himself then people would die.

The first on the Joker's list were judge Janet Surrillo and police commissioner Gillian Loeb. He also targeted Harvey Dent, but Batman saved him. The Joker next named Mayor Garcia as the target, and at Loeb's funeral the honour guard was replaced by the Joker's men, who tried to shoot the mayor. He was saved by James Gordon, who ostensibly took a bullet and died.

Dent then revealed himself as Batman, but during his transfer to prison was attacked by the Joker and saved by the real Batman. Gordon, who was alive and posing as a police driver, apprehended the Joker in a secret sting operation. Mayor Garcia promoted him to commissioner, but the Joker escaped and severely wounded Harvey Dent. Later, the Joker was kidnapped again and Dent was killed by Batman.

In The Dark Knight Rises, Garcia was watching Rapid City vs Gotham in a football field and got caught in one of the explosions set up by Bane, killing him.

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