Alfred Pennyworth was a butler to the Wayne Family, at their home in Wayne Manor. His family had served the Waynes for many generations, and Alfred served under Thomas and Martha Wayne. When they were murdered by Joe Chill, Alfred comforted their son Bruce and looked after him until he left for Princeton University.

When Bruce returned for Joe Chill's hearing, Alfred tried to convince him to stay, telling him that he cared about Bruce's future. However Bruce went missing for seven years, and he was presumed dead. Alfred located him in Asia and flew him back to Gotham, telling him that in his absence William Earle had taken over Wayne Enterprises.

Upon his return, Bruce began making himself the alter-ego of Batman in order to fight criminals. Alfred helped him prepare, ordering essential components and helping him prepare the Bat Cave. Alfred questioned why Bruce chose bats as his symbol, and Bruce explained that he wanted his enemies to share his fear. Alfred also told Bruce to present a social life for Bruce Wayne in order to avert suspicion that he was Batman.

When Bruce was sprayed with fear toxin, he called Alfred for help, who turned up and brought him back to Wayne Manor. When Bruce's condition worsened, Alfred called Lucius Fox who provided an antidote. Later, Alfred prepared Bruce's birthday party, but Bruce arrived late having rescued Rachel Dawes from the Scarecrow. Alfred put Rachel into a car and drove her back to the city. As he came back, he found members of the League of Shadows burning down Wayne Manor, so he knocked one out and rescued Bruce from under a log. They escaped to the basement, and Bruce set out to stop Ra's al Ghul from destroying the city. Wayne Manor was destroyed, but Alfred told Bruce that they could rebuild it with additions to the Bat Cave.

The Dark Knight Edit

As Wayne Manor was being rebuilt Bruce Wayne relocated to a penthouse and Alfred set up a hidden base of operations for Batman under a container at the docks. Bruce told him about the copycat Batmen, and also investigated the Joker with him. When Bruce travelled to Hong Kong to capture Mr Lau, Alfred was left on a yacht with the russian ballet team.

Later Alfred helped Bruce test a ballistic round and reconstruct a fingerprint from it. He told Bruce about his time in Rangoon with the ruby thief. He later took a letter from Rachel Dawes, delivering it to Bruce after she died.

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